[wpkg-users] WPKG client service script error on clean

Tomasz Chmielewski mangoo at wpkg.org
Sat Feb 27 11:46:28 CET 2010

On 27.02.2010 09:41, Vasaris wrote:

>> You can also try http://wpkg.org/files/client/beta/1.3.14/ - although there were almost no changes in machine account handling code.
> I will do that for sure. I would like to clarify - do I have to make the trasform with the Properties table additional record, pointing to settings.xml file, or else .msi package install will fail?

I think instead of wasting time on creating a transform file (too bad AD 
does not let you specify MSI parameters) you can just run a AD script:

cscript \\path\to\wpkg.js /install:wpkg

Easy enough.

>> If it still doesn't work, please report it on http://bugzilla.wpkg.org/
>> - I will be reminded to see what happens.
> I am sorry, but I do not know what exactly to report. I think you all suppose, that the problem is in the autehtication code section, when using machine account. But from the error output, I am not so sure about that. I was educated to report only the exact information, which is manifesting the bug, without any hypotehsis of my own, in case if I am not developer intimate with the inner workings of the software. I think this would be wise.

That you use Windows 2000 (what service pack?), and using "machine 
account" does not let you use WPKG Client with AD.

Tomasz Chmielewski

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