[wpkg-users] WPKG client service script error on clean

Vasaris krx at takas.lt
Sat Feb 27 12:54:18 CET 2010


> Hi,
> >> Andrew: I assume the client was joined to the domain?
> > 
> > Yes it is. It is Windows 2000 native domain.
> Hmm, maybe this points us to the problem. As Tomasz said the machine account
> authentication is not working well with Samba domain controllers. Samba is
> emulating a Windows 2000 domain (no AD). Maybe machine authentication is only
> working in AD domains.

No, you understood it wrong. It is Windows 2000 Active Directory domain in Native mode (no pre-Windows 2000 domain controllers, like Windows NT4).

Samba domain should emulate standard domain features as well as Microsoft native one. They had plenty of time and opportunity to reverse engineer required protocols and functionality.

> As I am using Samba domains only I am also using a dedicated user account which
> is allowed to access the share. This works quite OK but I fully agree that using
> the machine account would be quite an elegant way to authenticate.

>From my POV, this is the only solution, as it is safe and does not have any administrative overhead. Therefore, if the client does not work, I think I will have to fall back to the Group Policy script activation mode.

P.S. I cannot download beta from http://wpkg.org/files/client/beta/1.3.14/. Server is malfunctioning - drops connections, does not send the whole file (only few tens of Kb).



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