[wpkg-users] WPKG client service script error on clean

Vasaris krx at takas.lt
Sat Feb 27 20:51:13 CET 2010

> > Heh, now I have a joke. After unsuccessfull first deployment of 1.3.9 client, I have tried 1.3.14 beta (I finaly was able to download it via 3rd provider). It did not worked. Everything was failed here: http://bugzilla.wpkg.org/show_bug.cgi?id=182.
> >
> > And now, back to the 1.3.9 client, suddenly it works OK. From my POV, I have changed nothing in config. I am happy, but at a loss. I do not know, if other clients will follow this good habit, I will have to check this out.
> Could you do one more test? If you upgrade to 1.3.14, does it suddenly 
> stop working?

Yeah. It seems it was too much for me for 1 day. After letting AD Software Installation to upgrade 1.3.9 to 1.3.14 beta, there is no suddenly problem, which was filed under bug 182.

In addition, the problem with WSH over-reporting "Success Audit" events to Windows Application Log on the 1st workstation, which had this problems is gone after upgrade.

I sincerely do not know what has changed :-|.

Maybe the settings.xml, because, after I tried 1.3.14 beta, I installed this client on the management workstation and used it to generate settings.xml. I did this because I thought, that maybe new client will need new XML file with perhaps some new options. Maybe 1.3.9 client generates bad settings.xml files, which used in the client run sequence under Windows AD, fails? I am unhappy about myself, because I did not saved and documented each change in all files while testing.

In addition:
1. .MSI packages do not have special table records to link files between versions upgrades, to allow seamless upgrade. This fixup would be nice.
2. If .MSI files are upgraded in the "replace" mode, the upgrade in fact fails. The failure is that in this replace mode, the WPKG Windows service is removed in the upgrade process, but is not re-created when new package is installed in place of the old. Perhaps this happens, because there is some bad access mode to the windows service database. I will try "upgrade" mode, but I believe, that this mode will be OK, as it will merely install new files over the old ones without changed service DB/registry.



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