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--- Comment #4 from Daniel Dehennin <daniel.dehennin at ac-caen.fr> 2010-05-17 09:31:52 CEST ---
I rewrite the patch for 1.1.3-RC3, this is not a complete replacement, see TODO

It comes in 2 patches:

1. getHostAttributes replace getHostNameAttribute: 
  * returns a Scripting.Dictionary object of attribute/value.

2. getHostsApplying replace getHostNode:
  * Implement multi-attributes match and keep compatibility of matching
ipaddresses to the "name" attribute
  * Implement multi host node match with /applymultiple, by default
getHostsApplying returns a array of one element.
  * Use only regular expression match, I do not implement list like the
orignial patch, use regex alternate with "|" instead.

The following hosts.xml works for me, the applymultiple works as intended:
  <!-- regular name match />
  <host name='l-.+' profile-id='laptop'>
    <profile id='base' />

  <!-- IP address in name -->
  <host name='192.168.+' profile-id='base' />

  <!-- IP address attribute -->
  <host ipaddresses='192.168.123.+' profile-id='extend-base' />

  <!-- group match -->
  <host groups='(7zip|zip)' profile-id='7zip' />

  <!-- windows domain match -->
  <host domainname='administration' profile-id='administration' />

* add "dnsdomain" attribute match
* add "system" or "os" attribute match
* add user's attributes match

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