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getHostsApplying replace getHostNode

Extend host matching: use new attributes and permit to apply multiple match.

  * wpkg.js (applymultiple): New variable to apply multiple host
    definitions, default to false for compatibility.
    (domainname): New variable to match host against windows domain name.
    (ipaddresses): New variable to match host against IP addresses, this
    match use a new host ipadresses attribute. For compatibility, IP
    addresses are matched against name attribute too.
    (hostgroups): New variable to match host against group membership in a
    windows domain.
    (applyHostNode): Renamed.
    (applyHostNodes): New name of applyHostNode variable: array of
    hostNodes. If applymultiple is false, it contains only the first
    matching one.
    (getDomainName): New function to get the windows domain name of a
    (getHostGroups): New function to get the group membership of a member
    (getHostNode): Renamed.
    (getHostsApplying): New name of getHostNode, it extend the matching to
    multiple attributes.  Simplify direct/ipAddresses/regexp matches with
    only regexp match.  Keep compatibility with ipAddresses matching
    against name attribute.  Return the first matching host if
    applymultiple is false.
    (getHostVariables): Renamed.
    (getHostsVariables): New name of getHostVariables, iterate over all the
    apply host nodes.
    (getProfileList): Iterate over all apply host nodes.
    (parseArguments): Add applymultiple, ip, domainname and group options
    (getIPAddresses): Does nothing if /ip is passed as argument.
    (loadPackageEnv): Rename getHostVariable to getHostsVariables.

  * config.xml: Add configuration for domainname and applymultiple.

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