[wpkg-users] wpkg.js TODO list

Daniel Dehennin daniel.dehennin at ac-caen.fr
Wed May 19 15:20:58 CEST 2010

Daniel Dehennin <daniel.dehennin at ac-caen.fr> writes:

> Hello,


> I'm working on wpkg.js as you saw, I know Rainer Meier want to
> restructure the code for 1.2 and before going forward I want to submit
> my TODO list for review.

Ok, I just did 1.2 and fix my TODO list for 1.3 and I'm wondering if
it's better or not to define setHostInfo and getHostInfo instead of
direct array access?

I attach 2 patches.

I'm tracking my changes in bzr repositories, you can follow them with:

- basic layout:
  mkdir wpkg/{,upstream,branches}
  bzr --init-repository --2a wpkg

- upstream 1.1:
  bzr branch http://www.baby-gnu.org/~nebu/archives/wpkg/upstream/1.1 wpkg/upstream/1.1

- extended host (useless as it's the base of the following one):
  bzr branch http://www.baby-gnu.org/~nebu/archives/wpkg/branches/extended-hosts wpkg/branches/extended-hosts

- my developpement branch (based on extended-hosts):
  bzr branch http://www.baby-gnu.org/~nebu/archives/wpkg/branches/dad wpkg/branches/dad
Daniel Dehennin
RAIP de l'Orne

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