[wpkg-users] Invalid user permissions

David Naylor DNaylor at TEXASTRUSTCU.ORG
Fri Sep 17 22:24:02 CEST 2010

I've been testing WPKG on our network, but I've noticed a serious issue
I thought someone else might have encountered.  In my simple
configuration I have a test group of one workstation (Windows XP) that
tries to pull down Adobe Reader.  When a user logs in to the workstation
it will detect that Adobe Reader is missing and pull down the
appropriate file.  However, after finishing the download it invariably
opens a dialogue box titled "Install Program As Other User" which says
"Some programs will not install correctly if you do not have
administrative privileges on this computer.  If you know the password to
an administrative account, you can use that account to install the


This is a problem in my environment because all of our end users are
restricted.  However, I'm confused because it seems to be that the user
that logs into the machine shouldn't be the one that installs the
program.  It should be installed by the WPKG service account.  I've
tried typing in the network admin account information during WPKG
installation but that had no effect.  I just tried running the service
as a network admin, but again no change.


Anyone else have this issue and / or some suggestions?





David Naylor

Texas Trust Credit Union


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