[wpkg-users] windos vista or windows 7 support

Chris Wilcox not_rich_yet at hotmail.com
Sun Sep 5 22:03:11 CEST 2010

> From: francisco.henkel at grupoaldebaran.com
> To: wpkg-users at lists.wpkg.org
> Date: Sun, 5 Sep 2010 20:17:08 +0200
> Subject: [wpkg-users] windos vista or windows 7 support
> Hi :
> I'm using an user with administration privileges, when I try to install your
> 1.3.9 client (the msi for 32 bits) I get a message that it is NOT installed
> because I need Administrator privileges. It is a windows Vista Home premium.
> Is Vista Home or windows 7 Home supported?
> Best regards
> Francisco


I found that I had to run the install as administrator by right-clicking the Command Prompt shortcut and choosing 'Run as administrator' then launching the install via the command line.  The admin user is disabled by default on Vista/Win7 so even though you think your user has admin rights, they don't actually have full priviledges.


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