[wpkg-users] several hosts (by mask) with several profiles

Alexey alexey.dubovsky at gmail.com
Thu Feb 3 15:12:43 CET 2011

I have a few branches. Each branch has its own functional structure:
accounting, sales, customer service etc.
Computers are named: <City>-<Func>-<PC#>, for example MOW-ACC-2001,
and ....CIT-FUN-\d\d
Software products are installed by a territorially and b functionally.

Could anyone help to implement it such as on scheme below?

<host name="MOW-[ACC|SAL|CST]-\d\d " profile-id="MoscowProfile" />
<host name="BER-[ACC|SAL|CST]-\d\d " profile-id="BerlinProfile" />

<host name="[MOW|BER|NYK]-SAL-\d\d " profile-id="SalesApps" />
<host name="[MOW|BER|NYK]-ACC-\d\d " profile-id="AccountingApps" />

<host name="host2" profile-id="custom2" />

So, I see only one solution: multiply all parameters and to support all
resulting profiles.

For example:  [MOW|BER|NYK]x[ACC|SAL|CST] give us 9 Profiles.
Nevertheless, it is  very inconvenient solution.

In real life, i have got 17 branches and about 5 functionalities.
17x5= 85 Profiles?!  Oh, no... Please, Help to find decision!

With regards,
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