[wpkg-users] Silent Installers, MSI switches and security pop up boxes

Nick Elmendorf nelmendorf at slcpl.org
Sat Feb 12 00:28:05 CET 2011

I'm trying to install a program and need it to run silently.

In a command prompt I am able to run oddownloadstationsetup.msi /quiet /passive and it works, but it first brought up a security warning window about what to do with these types of files. I unchecked the box about prompting me to do it again, deleted the program from my computer and rebooted to see if the package would install it and all that happens is the program launches, but gets hung on a screen that is being obscured from my vision (however it is about the same size as that security warning box).

My thoughts are I need to find a way to run the program as a admin to bypass the security issue but that's not a great idea long term as I will need to update and want the package to be able to handle it with the user accounts on the machines currently.

Also for trouble shooting purposed, by package header and footer is good, I have the remove commands, its in my profiles folder and my host folder is naming out my computer specifically, so its nothing to do with how its arranged.

Anyone have any ideas? Code below.

<check type="uninstall" condition="exists" path="OverDrive Download Station" />
<!-- Install Overdrive Download Station -->
<install cmd='msiexec %SOFTWARE%\overdrive\Download Station\ODDownloadStationSetup.msi /quiet /passive' />
<!-- Upgrade Overdrive Download Station -->
<upgrade cmd='msiexec %SOFTWARE%\overdrive\Download Station\ODDownloadStationSetup.msi /quiet /passive' />

Nick Elmendorf
Senior Information Technology Specialist

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