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 Hello, We are looking at enableing wpkg for windows vista and windows 7 workstations, the delayed logon does not work but this is not a limitation for us as we run it at shutdown[1]. On windows 7, the wpkg client do not run at shutdown, it looks like windows kill it before the end. Another option is to switch to wpkg-gp, but this on do not run at shutdown[2]. Any idea who do to it? Regards. Footnotes: [1] We do not want to run at startup to avoid delay before people can work, they do not like waiting before checking their mails ;-) [2] We tests using a shutdown script which start wpkg client (configured to run at startup) and loop 30 times making 6 pings every 10 seconds waiting for the service to stop, not really sexy. -- Daniel Dehennin RAIP de l'Orne
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 I use wpkclient at shutdown for the same reasons (on Windows XP).
 I tested it on Vista and had the same problems as you
 (it’s being killed after about 30 seconds).
 I did a detailed post about a year ago, but nobody responded.

 After your post I resumed testing on Vista:
 I changed some registry settings with no success.
 I assume wpkgclient is not supposed to work on Vista/7
 and I assume it will not be fixed
 (it would be useful if the developers clarified this).

 I considered nightly updates, but apparently GPO shutdown scripts works.
 I use wpkgmessage.exe from contrib for visual feedback
 (you have to expose GPO scripts and hide the cmd window,
 otherwise everyone can kill it or worse).
 The timeout for GPO scripts must be increased, I tested 3600 seconds.
 gpsvc service PreshutdownTimeout must be increased too, I used 3600000 ms.

 Tests with ping -n 1200 and –n 3000 were successessful.
 An installation of Java was apparently successful
 (I’m not familiar with Vista file and registry virtualization).
 I’ll do further testing, but for now I have to suspend.
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