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Jean-Jacques Moulis jj at isy.liu.se
Fri Feb 25 14:11:10 CET 2011

On Wed, 23 Feb 2011 14:10:07 +1100 (EST) Jon Rhoades <jrhoades at svi.edu.au> wrote:

JR> Hi Jean-Jacques,
JR> Sounds like a great idea - I couldn't get the AutoIT script to complete when I wasn't logged in.
JR> Do you have the binary you complied or the method you used to repack it?
JR> Regards Jon 


it contains the iss script, the compiled installer (in Output), and the needed files 

if you want to compile it yourself or make some changes
download and install InnoSetup with innoIDE (ispack-5.4.1.exe)

open install_script.iss with innoIDE
press Compile

best Regards!

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