[wpkg-users] Win 7 .exe installer issue

Jeff Vandehey vandehey at gmail.com
Tue May 10 01:07:39 CEST 2011

Hi everyone, I'm having some issues installing a directx9 update to
windows 7 x64 clients. I have WPKG installing .msi files fine, with
seemingly no permission problems. But I'm having troubles with the
directx redistributable, which is an .exe. My install command is taken
from the posted packages on the WPKG site. My command is here for

<install cmd='"%SOFTWARE%\cg\directx_feb2010_redist.exe" /C
/T:"%TEMP%\directx" /q:a' >
<install cmd='"%TEMP%\directx\DXSETUP.exe" /silent' >

Here is the error from my .log file on the client:

ERROR   : Command '"%SOFTWARE%\cg\directx_feb2010_redist.exe" /C
/T:"%TEMP%\directx" /q:a" was unsuccessful.|Access is denied.|

Do you all have any ideas on this type of install? This runs fine from
CLI on the host. My service is running as the local system account.

Thanks for any help.


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