[wpkg-users] Workaround for... Re: [Bug 131] pinpointing a package to a certain revision

Rainer Meier r.meier at wpkg.org
Tue May 17 16:55:15 CEST 2011

Hi Dominik,

On 17.05.2011 15:04, Dominik Hertel wrote:
> Well I could think of something like this for myself but it's cumbersome... Also
> I have the impression that wpkg isn't very actively developed, is it? I'm
> currently working on a GUI for package management and by doing so also found
> some other things that could be implemented into the script... But I'm really
> scared of changing anything in the script by myself, for it's really huge... I
> couldn't even find a browseable api documentation even though it's in the code!
> so: is there still some active development going on?

Yes I am still following the project but due to some resource issues there is
not much active development from my side right now.
However regarding Report 131 this change does collide with the current data
model implemented in wpkg.js and would require some fundamental rework. I've
planned to address these items along with a couple more in a future major
release of WPKG. But for sure it requires more time to do.

So for now the best solution to have multiple versions of a single package is
just to create multiple packages or just branch the package database on the
server and present different databases to different clients.

Again, WPKG has grown quite a lot in terms of code and features. Some feature
request from my point of view do not make too much sense or are just useful in
some very rare cases. However such request will soon take a substantial amount
of support requests and cause extensive testing effort and potential regression
issues. We have seen in the past already that even small changes had big side
effects on well-tested features like performance drops or slightly changed behavior.


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