[wpkg-users] Refresh local WKPG.XML

Andrew Struiksma astruiksma at nwesd.org
Tue May 17 20:24:02 CEST 2011

I've found that grepWin can be a handy tool for finding and replacing text in several files at once:



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Ok, now it's time for my Doh! moment...

When we first configured WPKG with test packages, the SOFTWARE variable was not entirely clear to us.  Plus, we had (and still have) several places there the software installers reside.  So instead we used UNC paths.  Of course, now the practicality of the varialbe is clear!  Just a quick check - is it possible to set more than one SOFTWARE variable in settings.XML?  Say - SOFTWARE1 to one location, SOFTWARE2 to another, etc.  Now that we are in limbo, it's a great opportunity to correct this mistake...
On Tue, May 17, 2011 at 12:12 PM, John Danks <john.danks at gmail.com<mailto:john.danks at gmail.com>> wrote:
What do your package definitions look like? Are you using WPKG Client?
How is it configured?

It's best-practice to declare a variable in the settings.xml that
points to the server share for package files, and then use that
instead of hardcoding server paths in packages.xml.

<install cmd='"%SOFTWARE%\apps\firefox\Firefox Setup %version%.exe" -ms' />

It would also be a good idea to configure WPKG Client to look for
wpkg.js at a generic name such as \\wpkg\wpkg.js<file:///\\wpkg\wpkg.js> and use a CNAME
record in DNS to alias the "wpkg" hostname to whatever server actually
holds the files. (I didn't do this but now I think I should...)

On Tue, May 17, 2011 at 10:00 AM, Kenny Bayless <kbayless at gmail.com<mailto:kbayless at gmail.com>> wrote:
> Please excuse the n00b question... I'm sure there is a simple answer...
> We have several packages installed with WPKG, and all has been running
> nicely.  However, recently we had to change fileservers, and now all the
> local WPKG.XML files point to the previous server.  Is there a simple way to
> simply refresh the local XML files?
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