[wpkg-users] Creating a Folder in the Start Menu together with WPKG installed Program

mikhail tan mikesalviejo at gmail.com
Fri May 27 03:47:18 CEST 2011

Good Day

Once again Rainier I will ask for your help,,

I had successfully did what you taught of me.
now here is the catch... some of our units have already an older versions of
now I wanted to update this using the methods you taught me, and put
something like this in the postinstall.cmd

rd /q /s "%MENUBASE%\%F_DOC%\OpenOffice.org 2.4"

and for some

rd /q /s "%MENUBASE%\%F_DOC%\OpenOffice.org 3.0"

but the problem is it did not install the package[?]

could you help me with my problem??

Thank You

~Mikhail Joseph Salviejo [?][?][?][?][?]
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