[wpkg-users] Installing Microsoft.NET 4.0

Mikhail Joseph Salviejo mikesalviejo at gmail.com
Fri Feb 17 12:04:28 CET 2012

Good day Guys,

I am having a little bit trouble in installing .NET Framework 4.0 over wpkg.
I first issued a batch file which will copy the installer to a
temporary folder in the pc.

<install cmd='%SOFTWARE%\DotNet\copy.cmd' />
mkdir C:\Temporary
copy /y "\\deploy\wpkg\packages\DotNet\dotnetfx40.exe" "C:\Temporary"

This code returns successfully

then next would be issuing the install code for the dotnet
<install cmd='C:\Temporary\dotnetfx40.exe /passive /norestart' />

the installation remains at this part whenever i check the log file

I even tried this one.

<install cmd='C:\Temporary\dotnetfx40.exe /q /norestart' />

even this one.

<install cmd='%SOFTWARE%\DotNet\dotnetfx40.exe /q /norestart' />

still no success with these.

Anyone out there to help me?

Thanks for your help :)

Mikhail Joseph G. Salviejo
Assistant System Administrator
Training and Standards Unit
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Pasig City 1605 Philippines
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