[wpkg-users] Invalid XML structure found

Urs Rau (UK) urs.rau at om.org
Wed Feb 1 19:03:44 CET 2012


On 1 Feb 2012, at 12:11, Ulli Conrad wrote:

> Hi,
> On 31 Jan 2012 Urs Rau wrote:
>> <profiles:profiles
>> ...
>> </profiles:profiles>
> That was it, changed the tags accoridng to example files in new
> (v1.3) wpkg package and it error message disappeared.
> Thx

Glad it was that, I was pretty sure, but I still haven't got my head around it, to be totally honest. ;-) So it is a bit of "the blind leading the blind". ;-)

To me it seems "inconsistent" at least at first glance to have some xml tags named one way and others seemingly in a different way, but I guess a better grip on xml and namespaces might help explain.

I have tried asking on the list a few days ago and have not heard back from Rainer why or how it all comes together like that?

Unfortunately my question was initially posted on 18 January 2012 10:42:04 GMT on this list and had "OT" (Off Topic) in the subject, that is probably why Rainer skipped the thread. ;-), my own fault.

I did however try to summarise my questions on the same thread later the same day 18 January 2012 23:24:46 GMT with subject "OT good free (cross platform? open sourced?) XML editor that checks xsd schema online?", but have not yet learned or understood why it is as it now is?

And now of course I am 'highjacking' your thread, after having successfully assisted you, to see if we can get some further insights into the xml naming of tags and the connection to namespaces and how it all hangs together. ;-)






why is it now <hosts:wpkg> but not also <config:wpkg> or even also <packages:wpkg> <profiles:wpkg> ? or <wpkg:hosts> and <wpkg:config> and <wpkg:profiles> <wpkg:packages>?

and why is it <packages:packages> but only <config>?

and why are the "inner" elements such as host and profile not <wpkg:host> or <wpkg:hosts:host> and <wpkg:profile> or <wpkg:profiles:profile> ? ( I would think this would be very ugly, and inefficient - but I don't understand why these are "single-word tags" and <packages:packages> and <profiles:profiles> are "two-word tags" ?)

I am sure the answer is there somewhere and probably makes sense with a better understanding of the inner workings of xml and the xsd dictionaries and how namespaces work.

Stefan or Rainer any further comments or explanations, I am NOT saying any thing is "wrong" or should be different. I am just wondering if there is a relatively easy way to explain the naming scheme ?

Thanks for a great tool that saves me countless hours.


Urs Rau

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