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Le 10/02/2012 10:39, Alan Adams a écrit :
> I'm trying to change some of our computers to run WPKG during shutdown.
> I've used wpkgclient to change the setting, and saved it. I have a package
> (Adobe Reader) which should deploy to the computer.
> It installs using msiexec /i /qb, so there should be a progress bar.
> During shutdown (Windows 7) I see "shutting down WPKG Service service",
> followed about ten seconds later by "Windows is shutting down", which
> lasts for about 20 seconds. This is nothing like enough time for Adobe
> Reader to be installed. After restart, Adobe Reader is not present.
> Does WPKG put messages to the screen, for example "do not shut down or
> power off, installing software"?
> Do the msiexec progress bars get shown?
> The event log shows three WSH messages showing the installation starting,
> followed by an MSIEXEC message for the start of the installation. Then it
> creates a restore point. Then the user profile service stops. The next
> message is part of the restart sequence. These messages occur within a
> time span of 5 seconds. It looks as though the system is not waiting for
> the installation to complete before shutting down. Is this expected
> windows 7 behaviour?
> Alan
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