[wpkg-users] [OT] i hate script in cmd... ;(((

Mark_Israel at nps.gov Mark_Israel at nps.gov
Wed Feb 15 15:07:55 CET 2012

Is there a way to get around UAC without disabling the protection? Even
running Tasks can be a pain as UAC stops the processing.

Thank you,
Mark Israel

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Have you tried to add %ComSpec% /c in front of main command?

Could you show the package xml with cmd= ?

On which system did you try your script? Is it Seven? Is UAC active?

Best regards,
Kirill Kozlovskiy

2012/2/15 Marco Gaiarin <gaio at sv.lnf.it>

  I've wrote down a script/helper to add me in the task of adding some
  domain group to some local group, wrapping around 'net localgroup'.
  Script attached.

  The script, on console, from SYSTEM user (the same that run wpkg) seems
  to work well: check, add and remove membership correctly.

  Used inside wpkg recipe (on action and check condition) behave

  Look at this. From wpkg log:   2012-02-14 18:10:55, DEBUG   : Executing
  command: '"\\FILE\wpkg\tools\setlgrp.bat" check
  \"\\FILE\wpkg\packages\sudowin\sudoers-SANVITO.grp\" SANVITO'.  2012-02-14
  18:10:56, DEBUG   : Execute check for program
  '"\\FILE\wpkg\tools\setlgrp.bat" check
  \"\\FILE\wpkg\packages\sudowin\sudoers-SANVITO.grp\" SANVITO' returned
  '0'. Evaluating condition 'exitcodeequalto' revealed true when comparing
  to expected value of '0'.

  from console:   C:\WINDOWS\system32>"\\FILE\wpkg\tools\setlgrp.bat" check
  SANVITO  C:\WINDOWS\system32>echo %ERRORLEVEL%  1  C:\WINDOWS\system32>

  indeed the right answer is '1', because i've removed the membership
  manually to test check condition.

  Someone can help me?

  PS: anothe little mystere came from " escaping... if i
  run:        "\\FILE\wpkg\tools\setlgrp.bat" check
  "\\FILE\wpkg\packages\sudowin\sudoers-SANVITO.grp" SANVITO  return strange
  errors, i have to escape the " ... boh...
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