[wpkg-users] Installing Microsoft.NET 4.0

Malte Starostik lists at malte.homeip.net
Fri Feb 17 12:38:34 CET 2012

Am Freitag, 17. Februar 2012, 12:21:20 schrieb Rainer Meier:
> Hi Mikhail,
> On 17.02.2012 12:04, Mikhail Joseph Salviejo wrote:
> > then next would be issuing the install code for the dotnet
> > <install cmd='C:\Temporary\dotnetfx40.exe /passive /norestart' />
> > 
> > the installation remains at this part whenever i check the log file
> > I even tried this one.
> > 
> > <install cmd='C:\Temporary\dotnetfx40.exe /q /norestart' />
> > 
> > even this one.
> > 
> > <install cmd='%SOFTWARE%\DotNet\dotnetfx40.exe /q /norestart' />
> I am using "/q /norestart" switches as well. The second command would work
> only if %SOFTWARE% is set properly - either to your SMB/CIFS share or to
> the local temporary folder.

I unpacked that dotnetfx40.exe with 7-zip into %SOFTWARE%\dotnet4\ which 
extracts among other things the "real" setup.exe. That one I then call as:
%SOFTWARE%\dotnet4\setup.exe /q /norestart /x86 /x64
This not only saves a little time for the initial extraction phase which is 
now only performed once instead of once for every client, but ... [contd]
> For .NET deployment you really need to be patient. The installer might take
> up to 30 minutes depending on your target machine. I have also not been
> able to figure out what makes it take so long. For long periods during
> installation it seems to be idle (no disk or CPU activity). I think it
> also tries to connect to Microsoft pages during setup (maybe even
> downloads some updates) which might take such a long time until downloaded
> or timed out.

...also prevents additional downloads AFAIK, although I must admit I haven't 
verified this recently.  Anyway, we still have some older machines where this 
command takes more than an hour, so I needed to raise the timeout to 7200 
I'd say most of this performance nightmare is due to the lovely combination of 
the setup creating quite alot of DLLs and the virus scanner getting nervous 
about that.


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