[wpkg-users] Upgrade Skips Checks

Paul McGrath J.P.McGrath at leeds.ac.uk
Tue Feb 21 11:55:41 CET 2012

  I believe this is more a problem with your package xml than WPKG.  I've had this happen and it wasn't a wpkg.js issue.  
Can you email your package xml for us to look at.  Also your event log so we can see that it says 'success' as I suspect it is still trying to upgrade each time as it hasn't succeeded.

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I've recently found myself in an odd situation. I recently upgraded a
package that had an exit code of -3 (Install Shield - missing info in
setup.iss file). This was not listed in the package.xml as success so
therefore wpkg was not recording the package as installed (it retained
the old version). However the package did install correctly. Now when my
clients boot (I'm using Wpkg-GP), they upgrade the package again even
though the check passes and wpkg should simply mark the package as

Conclusion: I believe wpkg.js does not execute the check before
attempting an upgrade

I believe if a package is going to be upgraded, the the checks
associated with that specific revision of the package should be ran just
like if that package was going to be installed (not upgraded). If the
checks pass, simply mark the package as installed/upgraded and move on.
This would prevent a "double upgrade" from happening which is what I am

Note: I upgraded to the latest wpkg.js 1.3.0 to see if this still
happens and it does.

Just wanted to post my findings / thoughts regarding this.
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