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--- Comment #7 from Rainer Meier <r.meier at wpkg.org>  ---
Hi Peter,

I was thinking a bit about your request to support a config file which
overrides the defaults. Initially I was thinking about implementation of some
kind of "include" statement in config.xml so we could point it to
"config.custom.xml" and then read it if it exists and ignore it if it doesn't

But actually I think it should not be required. First of all you will not have
to update config.xml for a new WPKG version usually as WPKG perfectly works
with the old config.xml.
If you like to merge to the latest version it makes sense to include the
comments as well, so you should merge anyway.

Adding include capability adds a couple of nasty if/else checks for file
existence which might slow down startup, especially on slow network

So currently I believe that such a feature is not generally required. Note that
you could also achieve the same using XML transforms (which are applied by
WPKG) in order to include additional config files. So XML already supports
including additional files inherently. So if you want to move some of your
params to an external file just use XSLT to include your configuration file. So
on next release you could simply use the default config.xml and add one single
line to it in order to include your customization.

Small note: I've just checked in 1.3.1-RC12 but it's unrelated to this
discussion as I've just added another feature to support regular expression
matching for registry value equal checks.

Also I am changing this report to "fixed" rather than "wontfix" as some
modification has actually been implemented.

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