[wpkg-users] MSI + MST: MST somewhat ignored when silent install

Paul McGrath J.P.McGrath at leeds.ac.uk
Tue May 15 07:29:53 CEST 2012

Hi Mathieu,
  as well as the /PASSIVE already suggested sometimes an Installshield installer will only run from a mapped drive letter path and not a UNC.  I have one app which I have to copy to the local C drive to run with /PASSIVE.  Usually just /TRANSFORMS="%SOFTWARE%/app/apptrans.mst" works for my installshield apps even if it is specified in the setup.ini I still put it on the cmd line as the setup.exe doesn't seem to know to look for the setup.ini in the folder it has been run from.
  Play with some other silent switches like (capitals) /S, /SILENT, /VERYSILENT.
  Most of my installshield installers have required me to record (-r) a setup.ISS file wihhch you then put after the setup.exe with a -s -f1%SOFTWARE%\app\setup.iss.  It depends on the version of Installshield your program uses.
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This is not strictly related to WPKG but I have been pondering upon some
school software
"Rund um ... Biologie heute" which I'd like to package with WPKG.
Normally total of 6 CDs
so it's definitely not a joy to play disk jockey... ;-)

Its Setup.exe has a "/a" switch for "Admin/Network-Installation" and
copies the complete content of
all 6 disks to a folder, and then contains a MSI. I want the Software to
be installed completely
on the local disks. The interactive MSI installer says InstallShield so
I guess it has been made with this software.
I have been able to create a MST with Orca.exe:

What confuses me is that when doing a interactive installation with the
MST, the options I have modified
via the MST are correctly pre-chosen (msiexec /i <msi>
TRANSFORMS=mytransform.mst) in the installer like
Start Menu location, and complete Installation option - but when I do a
reduced (msiexec /qr) or
silent (/qn) silent install, it only does a "typical" install which
requires CDs to be inserted for the
user (not what I'd like).

Is there a good way to look more closely where I'm biting myself with
InstallShield's MSI?

Best regards

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