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--- Comment #10 from Keith Jones <k.e.jones at brighton.ac.uk>  ---

(In reply to comment #7)
> (In reply to comment #5)
> > 
> >  As for login scripts, well, that's exactly where I see WPKG making an
> > important impact for myself (and many others I hope!). Our central IT support
> > team don't support roaming profiles. Every user login has things "prepared" by
> > a rather dauntingly long logon script. The script is full of checks for ABC
> > file being present, DEF user being logged in, GHI machine being the machine
> > they logged in on and then does something because of it.
> >
> So this is possible with WPKG too, since it supports the new <condition/> where
> you can concatenate multiple checks together.
> <host profile-id="OfficeSimple">
>   <condition>
>     <check type="host" condition="hostname" value="^OFFICE"/>
>     <check type="host" condition="environment"
> value="USERNAME=^(Admin|Georg)$"/>
>     <check type="file" condition="exists" path="C:\config\HereIam.txt"/>
>   </condition>
> </host>
> The above is written down of the top of my head, so you will have to look the
> correct syntax up, but you should get the picture.
> --
> Stefan

 That's another rather cool aspect of WPKG I didn't realize could work. I'm not
sure that that's the message I'm trying to put across though. This idea is less
about how WPKG's rules can be bent to do the job, it's just as much about how
in doing that job it reports and behaves.

 As mentioned in the previous message, (I got a "simultaneous response" error
so you probably haven't read that yet. I had to login again), in my head I'm
trying to wisely take on board Rainer's advice and simultaneously work out the
many ways you can hack things to achieve the same effect.

 I'm just really not a fan of going for the hack option when there's all this
wonderful code sitting there which only needs some teeny tweaks to look at the
problem from a very clean WPKG logic viewpoint. I'd just really like the
concept to mesh well with the WPKG approach in it's own rights rather than
being fudges or fiddlings outside of wpkg.

 The prime issue is that we'd still need to play around with config settings so
that a WPKG.XML file was stored in user space. I'd still need to fiddle with
command lines and that's the thing that is worth considering making changes to
rather than directing the issue into package definitions and custom .bat files.

 All I'm trying to say is, WPKG is brilliant, no-one should need to practise
black magic or create custom batch files to handle things.

 I'm kinda running out of juice (I should have gone to bed a while back!). I'm
sorry if I'm being overly enthusistatic or not taking onboard everyone's
contributions in a wise or accepting way. It's not intentional, I'm just not
sure aiming to work within WPKG's framework is the right way to respond. I feel
that working things that way generates more subtle issues than it saves. Sorry.
I'm probably being a fool. I do try not to be but I'm human :-}

Cath you all on the flipside... need sleep!


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