[wpkg-users] [Bug 274] WPKG still installs packages of previous profile after pc name renaming.

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--- Comment #4 from Rainer Meier <r.meier at wpkg.org>  ---
(In reply to comment #3)
> So! What I need to do now?

In general you wont't have to do anything. Just accept that WPKG will first
verify all packages before doing any action. Therefore WPKG will (in your case)
first make sure that the packages listed in wpkg.xml (here, still the packages
of profile-1 are listed) are applied correctly.

This is the only way to assure for WPKG that it is in defined state. Then WPKG
will automatically start to remove software. If WPKG would not check whether a
specified software is installed, then very likely the software removal will
fail as well which would make WPKG believe that the software could not have
been uninstalled properly.

So assuming you have "package-1" listed in "profile-1" but not in "profile-2"
then you're supposed just to switch the profile. WPKG will then on next run
verify that "package-1" is still installed properly if it's listed to be
installed in local wpkg.xml database. And then as a next step it will remove
it. So no manual action is required.

If you want to do things manually, then uninstall "package-1" and also remove
its DB entry from the local wpkg.xml database. So WPKG will not try to remove
it again (which includes first to verify that it is properly installed, see

So it's not a bug that if you uninstalled "package-1" manually then WPKG does
not know about it and according to local wpkg.xml it's supposed to be
installed. Therefore WPKG first tries to re-establish a defined state by
re-installing "package-1" before finally removing it (in one step). If your
packages are well-defined and install/remove works properly, then this is not
an issue and in both cases you will end up with "package-1" removed properly.

As Stefan already said: It's recommended either to manage software manually or
using WPKG, but you should not mess manually with software installed by WPKG.

Actually this functionality can be partially disabled by the
noUpgradeBeforeRemove switch (command line or config.xml). When disabled, then
WPKG will not make sure that a package is properly installed (and upgraded to
latest version) before the removal takes place. Please keep in mind that in
your case this would very likely yield errors since you have removed the
package manually. So WPKG thinks it's still installed, then tries to remove it
by launching remove commands. These remove commands would likely fail since the
software is not installed any more. Failing remove commands typically yield
non-zero exit code and therefore WPKG would report an error on removal. So very
likely the approach of WPKG to re-install it and then remove it properly is
better also in your case.

So the bottom line is that this is exactly the intended behavior of WPKG and
therefore not a bug.

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