[wpkg-users] cmd's not executed on some clients

Mike Burgener mike.burgener at u-blox.com
Mon May 21 13:26:59 CEST 2012

Has nobody any idea on this?

Really can't get passed ;-)

Thanks in advance


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Dear wpkg-users

We encounter a very strange problem on some computers:

We have the following 2 upgrade commands:

   <upgrade cmd='"\\server\wpkgsoftware\cadence\SPB\16_5\hotfixes\begintolog.cmd"' />
   <upgrade cmd='\\server\wpkgsoftware\cadence\SPB\16_5\hotfixes\installllatesthotfix.cmd'  />
On the computers where it does not seem to run, it does not even execute the first "begintolog" script which is only a test-script made for debugging consisting of:

@echo on

echo "beginning logging" > c:\logfile2.txt

wpkg client version is 1.3.9

any help is appreciated



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