[wpkg-users] cmd's not executed on some clients

Mike Burgener mike.burgener at u-blox.com
Mon May 21 20:32:06 CEST 2012

Am 21.05.2012 13:59, schrieb Rainer Meier:
> Hi Mike,
> On 21.05.2012 13:26, Mike Burgener wrote:
>> Has nobody any idea on this?
> Maybe you could post a full debug log from one of the machines where 
> it obviously does not "update" properly and a full listing of the XML 
> defining the package.
> Very likely WPKG does not execute the upgrade commands as it does not 
> detect an upgrade - ie. this means the package was not installed in 
> older revision on the nodes which do not "update" properly. If the 
> package is "new" to a host, then WPKG executes the "install" commands, 
> not "upgrade".
> So please check the local wpkg.xml on the nodes which do not work 
> properly. Maybe these machines got an earlier version of the package 
> deployed. If the revision attribute has not been incremented since 
> then WPKG will not perform an upgrade. So assuming you probably 
> incremented the revision attribute before, then these hosts might have 
> performed the upgrade already and now if you change the package on 
> server side without incrementing the revision then WPKG will not 
> re-execute the upgrade commands.

this was also my idea, however it states it is "upgrading" and executing 
the command however really nothing occurs absolutely nothing.

as i am a quite experienced sysadmin i tried out to debug alot however 
not found anything usable.

i will try with a dummy package tomorrow (using install instead of 
upgrade) if on that host it does actually do anything when using 
<install> mode


> br,
> Rainer

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