[wpkg-users] [Bug 273] Per user install support

Stefan Pendl stefan.pendl.71 at gmail.com
Tue May 22 08:21:24 CEST 2012

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> Hi Stefan,
> (In reply to comment #12)
>> The black magic of the host matching syntax is clearly described in the
>> ChangeLog, including examples.
>   Sorry. Maybe black magic was a bit strong :-)
>   Then again (and with RTFM message in my head), I really wouldn't have made the
> leap to work out using the %USERNAME% variable in that context so maybe I
> should have said "guru magic"? I am still catching up with 1.3's changes so as
> far as I'm concerned magic is magic :-)
>> The documentation Wiki is filled by the community, so it lacks a bit of
>> information.
>   If I have time... I'm probably not your favoured candidate for clear and
> precise explanations :-)

The problem is always knowing the capabilities of the system and the 
software to reach your goal.

I am following the development of WPKG closely, so I often test-drive an 
so-called "unstable" release in my test environment, since a new feature 
has caught my attention.

If the new feature doesn't break a thing and it simplifies my packages, 
it will be used for production too.

I only encountered a problem with WPKG once myself, so even an 
"unstable" release is very stable.


The advantage of the wiki is that the community can correct any errors 
in your submission.

Stefan P.

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