[wpkg-users] Disable FBWF before installing software

VERDEYEN Jonathan jverdeyen at automatic-systems.com
Tue Nov 13 17:09:39 CET 2012

I'm currently preparing a Wyse thin client for one of our branch offices.
This particular model uses Windows Embedded Standard 7 and has File Based Write Filter which intercepts write operations to the disk and keeps them in a cache memory instead (I had seen it in Windows PE previously) so nothing is written to the disk and the changes are erased (lost) on reboot.

You can momentarily disable the FBWF to install programs and make other changes to the system but it requires a reboot.
So : Disable FBWF > Reboot > Install Software > Enable FBWF > Reboot
So I have used WPKG-GP successfully to install some basic software (Flash Player and what not) after disabling FBWF but would there be a way to have WPKG disable the FBWF if software has to be installed, reboot, proceed to the install and then re-enable it afterwards (and reboot) without going in a reboot cycle ?

Windows Embedded
I've used WPKG-GP to successfully

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