[wpkg-users] Disable FBWF before installing software

heiko.helmle at horiba.com heiko.helmle at horiba.com
Wed Nov 14 18:24:16 CET 2012

> >
> > Wouldn't this cause a reboot loop? The enable and disable package both
> > need an immediate reboot...
> One could set an environment variable to avoid this, which gets checked 
> to prevent the execution of the install commands.
> The reboot loop problem exists with the first solution presented to the 
> OP too.

Does it?

First Boot:
the <condition> says FBWF is on, so FBWF gets disabled and an the system 
boots immediately (<exit code='bla' reboot='true/>)

Second Boot:
the <condition> for the disable command checks if it is already disabled. 
If it is disabled - no reboot -> packages get installed.
Then the Prio-0 Package installs last, enables FBWF, reboots.

Third boot:
No packages scheduled for install - so FBWF won't be disabled and 
prio0-package won't get installed (because it is execute=change). System 
boots normal.

Of course getting this bug-free is a challenge (one bad package def will 
cause a reboot loop) - but i think it's possible.
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