[wpkg-users] Setting "SOFTWARE" variable

Steve Kersley steve.kersley at keble.ox.ac.uk
Mon Nov 19 14:15:42 CET 2012

> I'm wondering if I am missing something somewhere, but I wonder if we can
> set the variable SOFTWARE "globally" -- like in the wpkg.xml file ...or in the
> packages.xml file however, I don't want to specify SOFTWARE in each
> package.

If you're using either the WPKG client, or WPKG-GP rather than running wpkg.js directly, I believe you can configure this in a single place.  With WPKG client, looks like settings.xml.

With WPKG-AD, you can set this in wpkg-gp.ini (or whatever you named the ini file):

With that, the only package that I need to define SOFTWARE in is the one to install wpkg-gp, or any other packages that might get called from an initial installation.


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