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Stefan Pendl stefan.pendl.71 at gmail.com
Mon Nov 26 22:39:14 CET 2012

Am 26.11.2012 13:49, schrieb VERDEYEN Jonathan:
> Is there a way to install one package or another depending on host
> attributes without making separate profiles ?
> What I would like is to do a profile which has 2 different versions of
> the same program (Adobe Reader) and if the host attributes match the
> first one, it will install it, but if they don’t (in any other case) it
> will install the other one :
> <profile id="AdobeReader">
>                  <package package-id="adobereader_en" os="windows
> embedded.+" lcid="409"/><!-- Only if Windows Embedded -->
>                  <package package-id="adobereader"/><!-- Mui version -->
> </profile>
> I’ve tried using the regexp “!embedded” but it doesn’t seem to work.
> *Jonathan Verdeyen*

You will have to use the not logical check in a condition node.

'---code start (watch for line wraps)

<profile id="AdobeReader">
     <package package-id="adobereader_en"
         os="windows embedded.+" lcid="409"/>
     <package package-id="adobereader">
             <check type="logical" condition="not">
                 <check type="host" condition="os"
                     value="windows embedded.+"/>

'---code end

Stefan P.

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