[wpkg-users] User initiated runs of WPKG

Rainer Meier r.meier at wpkg.org
Wed Oct 10 19:34:14 CEST 2012

Hi Andrew,

On 10.10.2012 18:56, Andrew Struiksma wrote:
> I've been trying to figure out a way to allow end users to trigger WPKG to run
> when it is convenient to them. Ideally we could setup a shortcut on everyone's
> Start menu so that they could click "Install Updates" which would
> start wpkg.js. The issue I'm having with implementing this is that end users
> don't have local admin rights. Has anyone figured out a way to allow users to
> trigger wpkg.js with elevated privileges?

You can use WPKG client for this.
Install and configure WPKG client. Then make sure to configure it to terminate 
the service after execution.

Then use SubInACL.exe to allow users running the WPKGService service:

subinacl.exe /Service "WpkgService" /Grant=Users=TO

Now users can run the service using "sc start WpkgService" or "net start 
WpkgService". Just place a cmd script/shortcut on their desktop on which they 
can click when it's convenient for them to do upgrades. They can also watch the 
progress in event-viewer as WPKG and WPKG service will print status messages there.


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