[wpkg-users] Notifications of Flash and Java updates

Carlos R. Pasqualini pasqualinic at fcal.uner.edu.ar
Wed Oct 24 16:21:59 CEST 2012

El mar, 23-10-2012 a las 13:19 -0800, Lonney escribió:
> Hi,
> Does anyone know of a service or system that will send an email to
> notify of when new versions of Flash and Java available ?

I'm using linux on my network whenever i can, so I’ve made a script that
i run with a cronjob:



NEW=`wget -q $URL -O - | grep 'Flash Player' |grep -m 1 '</h3>'|awk
'{gsub("</h3>","",$0);print $3}'`

if [[ $NEW != $LAST ]]; then
   echo -e "difd\nNew: $NEW Vs. $LAST\n URL: $URL"|\
	mail -s "[WPKG] New Flash Player $NEW" \ 
	user at email
   echo -n $NEW > $LASTF

the filter line is what i change for every package (there are some
spanish, because i live in Argentina, you should adapt them to your

7zip.sh:NEW=`wget -q $URL -O - |grep "Download 7-Zip"|grep "for
Windows"|awk '{gsub("<P><B>Download 7-Zip ","",$0);gsub(" for
Windows</B>:</P>",$0); print $1}'`

avg.sh:NEW=`wget -q $URL -O - | grep
'http://download.avgfree.com/filedir/inst/avg_free_x64_all_'|awk -F
'http://download.avgfree.com/filedir/inst/avg_free_x64_all_' '{print
$2}'|awk -F '.exe' '{print $1}' `

firefox.sh:NEW=`wget -q $URL -O - | grep -m 1 curVersion |awk
'{gsub("<td class=\"curVersion\" >","",$0);gsub("</td>","",$0); print

flash.sh:NEW=`wget -q $URL -O - | grep 'Flash Player' |grep -m 1
'</h3>'|awk '{gsub("</h3>","",$0);print $3}'`

java6.sh:NEW=`wget -q http://www.java.com/es/download/manual.jsp -O - | 
grep Recomendado |awk '{gsub("<strong>Recomendado Version ","",
$0);gsub("</strong>","",$0);gsub(" Update ","u",$0);print $1}'`

libo.sh:NEW=`wget -q "$URL" -O - | grep -m 1 '<li><a href="/download/' |
awk -F '>' '{gsub("</a","",$0);print $3}'`

vlc.sh:NEW=`wget -q $URL -O - |grep 'Download latest VLC -'| awk
'{gsub("<h1>Download latest VLC - ","",$0);gsub("</h2>","",$0);print

Maybe it's not the very best solution, but it works great for my needs

Best Regards


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