[wpkg-users] Negative Dependency

Carlos R. Pasqualini pasqualinic at fcal.uner.edu.ar
Fri Oct 26 22:46:45 CEST 2012

El vie, 26-10-2012 a las 22:33 +0200, Stefan Pendl escribió:
> Am 26.10.2012 22:07, schrieb Carlos R. Pasqualini:
> >
> > yes, but you put it on another package's dependencies...
> > i want a way to say 'libreoffice conflicts with msoffice' in the
> > libreoffice package definition, and 'msoffice conflicts with
> > libreoffice' on the msoffice definition.
> >
> So the check might be moved one level up into the profile and the 
> package is only added if the other office suite isn't installed.
> >
> > what if i make a mistake when i'm selecting packages in the profile and
> > selecting two conflicting packages? (very possible when we have profiles
> > dependencies specified on different files).
> > Having a conflict statement on the package definition level will reduce
> > having troubles on user's machines.
> >
> I wouldn't deploy two office suites in one environment, at least there 
> should be a difference between departments.

The office thing was taken because of an example provided, it's not the
case (we use LibO AND MSOffice without troubles).

> What is the scenario that you envision?
> I would think about starting to manage hosts that have already software 
> installed, which would result in such a situation.

I'm having exactly this trouble here, i have lot's of desktops already
running, and i'm slowly implementing wpkg, but sometimes things go
wrong... but i'm solving it with negative exists and the like, it's not
this case.

> You may just want to introduce a package "OfficeSuites", where you 
> include the appropriate office suites based on conditions.
> Packages depending on office suites would depend on this particular package.
> This is how I manage Java dependencies/inclusions and PDF readers, for 
> instance.
> This way you will never apply two office suites to one host.

That's exactly what i'm saying, i need to re-think the rules i wan't to
apply. As you say, i can obtain the same result arranging the rules in a
different manner.


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