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Mark Cooke M.P.COOKE at bham.ac.uk
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Dear Dieter,

I address a similar situation by checking for the existence of this by wrapping the call to wpkg.js with a check for a line that my slightly-automated configuration file creator writes as the final line  ( <!-- END OF FILE --> )  If this isn't in the package, hosts and profiles xml, then WPKG isn't called.  This saves you (99.9%) from partially written config files, but not from the 'I deleted all assigned software by accident'.

Part of the batch file:

findstr /R /C:"^<.-- END OF FILE -->$" "%WPKGROOT%\Release2\profiles\50 autoprof-phy.xml" > nul
IF NOT %ERRORLEVEL% == 0 GOTO broken_config

and so on.




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First and foremost, I would like to congratulate the WPKG developers  for the great work.

We are a high school in Belgium and running for about 2 years 800 (Windows 7) clients under management of WPKG.

As a front-end we use WPKGExpress. Unfortunately is see this project is discontinued ...

A few days ago we encountered some problems. The volume of our server which runs WPKGexpress ran out of space. This resulted (reason unknown to me) that wrong XML files were forwarded to the clients.

The result was that on many PCs software started to remove.

To avoid this in the future, my question is, is there a parameter to execute WPKG so it does not use the Remove commands from the packages? Or is there a better way to control it? F.e. if there are more than 5 packages to delete, give me some alert, ...

Thanks and keep up the good work!

Vriendelijke groeten,

Dieter Fleurbaey * ICTS
Zeedijk 101 * 8400 Oostende
Tel. +32 50 30 52 80
Dieter.fleurbaey at khbo.be<mailto:Dieter.fleurbaey at khbo.be>

talent at work


Katholieke Hogeschool Brugge - Oostende

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