[wpkg-users] To use wpkgexpress or better not?

Ralf Schmidt ralf at jr-gfx.de
Thu Apr 4 17:32:57 CEST 2013

Hello everybody,

I know, that development of wpkgExpress is now indefinitely on hold. What a pitty!

However, we are still using it and it worked well for a while. It still works fine, but we are facing a couple of limitations, i.e.:
Package Checks: There is no possibitlity to check for Windows version or destinct between 32/64 bit version
Package Actions: There is no possibility to handle return values. If whatever return value other than 0 is expexted the installation simply fails.

Of course we could work around most things by wrapping an installer in a script - but this is simply unwanted extra work.

We stumbled about above limitations especially by trying to build a Java JRE package by following the instructions found on http://wpkg.org/Java.
Maybe anybody has some suggestion for us?

On the other hand, we think about changing back to simple wpkg - but fear a bit to loose the overview of all hosts, packages, profiles and how they work together. wpkgexpress is far from perfect but gives one the help of a graphical gui.
How do others keep track of the interaction between hosts, packages, profiles?

Best regards
Ralf Schmidt

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