[wpkg-users] WPKG and WOL (WAS: Re: Global max execution time hardcoded?)

Carlos R. Pasqualini pasqualinic at fcal.uner.edu.ar
Thu Apr 4 23:21:11 CEST 2013

El jue, 04-04-2013 a las 09:22 +0100, heiko.helmle at horiba.com escribió:
> wpkg-users-bounces at lists.wpkg.org wrote on 04.04.2013 09:54:28:
> > > An agent would be the best way, so the agent would notify the user
> > > of the maintenance and the user could delay it for some time.
> I solved parts of the problem with a little script that runs as SYSTEM
> but after a user logs in. It solves two major complains my users had: 
> * WPKG-GP delays the boot quite significantly (waiting for the network
> to start mostly) even if it doesn't actually install anything. 
> * For mobiles (Notebooks) WPKG-GP delays boot up to 10 minutes in some
> cases trying to find the home network. 
> So I figured that you can deactivate WPKG-GP with a registry switch
> and hacked a little script around that: 
> ------------ 

> This script does: 
> * Try to connect to the server - if this fails it assumes that it is
> not in the local network -> Deactivate WPKG-GP 
> * If connect is successful run wpkg-query for upgrades and installs.
> If this returns anything then 
>         * MSG all logged in users that installs are pending on the
> next boot 
>         * Activate WPKG-GP 
>         -- It ignores the special package "Report Packaging Errors"
> that is specific to my installation (this packages mails the WPKG-Log
> to me if any error occured during the WPKG run) 
> * If no pending packages are found, deactivate WPKG-GP 
> Now put this script in the task manager to run at logon of a user and
> it will - after logon - inform the user that installs are pending.
> Most of my users take this hint and just trigger a reboot before going
> to lunch. Some others ignore it and get the installs on the next
> morning when booting (because WPKG-GP is now active). Only some of
> those users who only "Hibernate" their machines won't get any
> packages. In that case I chose to schedule the script every hour.
> Nagging works. 
> There are some corner cases of course, but at least in our environment
> this works reasonably well and maybe you can adapt it for you.

I'm playing with your script, wow! it works great!!
i'am very happy with the few tests that we have made until now.

off course it doesn't eliminates all the problems of wpkg-gp or
executing wpkg on win7, but it helps a lot!

right now i'm creating a wpkg package to install that script on a few
user's computers to make some more tests and get some feedback.

how do you installed this script?
do you have a package definition for it?

i think it would be very helpful to write a wiki page on this topic.

the other thing we want to look at your implementation is the "Report
Packaging Errors" package, if you can, i would appreciate that you send
(to me or to the list) that scripts and package definitions, as you
explained it seems to be a better way of doing some error detection.



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