[wpkg-users] Java 7 update issues

Nicolas BRICHE nbriche at ch-peronne.fr
Thu Apr 18 09:29:22 CEST 2013

Hello all,

Orion Poplawski a écrit , Le 17/04/2013 19:19:
> I've been using WPKG to push Java 7 updates successfully for quite a while 
> now.  However, recently when wpkg runs the update on our windows 7 machines we 
> get a popup saying:
> Interactive Services Detection
> A program running on this computer is trying to display a message.

> It seems to happen whether I use the msi or the exe to install.
> Is anyone else seeing this

I'm seeing this as well.  For me the unclickable window seems to be an undrawed
frame (including undrawed title/min/max/close controls), not just a perfectly
formed window that merely doesn't take clicking events.

I _think_ it appears when an app using either Java or the Java plugin is
running, and we're supposed to see the messagebox asking us to close those apps
before the install can occur.  Except it fails miserably for reasons unknown.
Probably something to do with Win7's security context being subtly different
from the user's, subtle enough that the installer's drawing API is sending the
window in the wrong place.  Or something.


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