[wpkg-users] Java 7 update issues

Nicolas BRICHE nbriche at ch-peronne.fr
Thu Apr 18 16:43:50 CEST 2013

Jason Taylor a écrit , Le 18/04/2013 15:45:
> We had a problem with JRE7 hanging (We're using WPGK-GP.) Our package is set
> up to uninstall all versions of java, and install the current version.
> During either the uninstall or install (I don't know which, my boss handled
> the java packages) it was prompting to close jqs.exe. We just added a
> taskkill to kill jqs.exe.
> That solved the hanging problem we were experiencing.

Hm.  I'll try to add that to the package.  Still, I'm already starting the
install with a

<install cmd='net STOP JavaQuickStarterService' timeout="30" ><exit code='2'

from the Wiki, which is supposed to take care of it, so I don't know.  We'll
see, I suppose.

I have to admit that using a taskkill would be, I don't know, somewhat more
satisfying, in a way...

> p.s. Many apologies for responding to you Nicolas. I'm not a big mailing list
> person, and Outlook is making this a pain (From replies going directly to
> people, to having to manually edit every single reply to quote properly.)

Not a problem ^^

Still, maybe the list admins could add a

Reply-To: wpkg-users at lists.wpkg.org

header to simplify replies?  That would be much appreciated.


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