[wpkg-users] strange %SOFTWARE% behaviour

Stefan Pendl stefan.pendl.71 at gmail.com
Wed Feb 20 00:28:49 CET 2013

Am 20.02.2013 00:06, schrieb jurgen.depicker at let.be:
> Dear all,
> we just changed fileserver, and so I need to change the value of
> %SOFTWARE% to reflect the new situation.  We use wpkg and wpkg-gp.
> Although I changed the %SOFTWARE% from the old IP ( to the
> new one (, the old ip still sometimes shows up, which
> drives me crazy...

Have you checked all XML files for an old definition of the SOFTWARE 

The variable expansion for variable definitions and for commands is the 
same, so I can't think of any good reason for this difference either.

Could you try the following?

<variable name="TEST_VAR" value="%SOFTWARE%"/>

<install cmd="%ComSpec% /C echo %SOFTWARE%"/>
<install cmd="%ComSpec% /C echo %TEST_VAR%"/>

Stefan P.

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