[wpkg-users] trouble with check conditions

Rob Bos rbos-wpkg at novylen.net
Thu Feb 21 20:42:45 CET 2013

My gnawing suspicion is that this isn't possible, that WPKG evaluates 
all the check conditions before running any install commands, in which 
case, the install commands included are set in stone and you can't 
branch within a package.

I guess I'd have to split this into two packages if so.

On 2/21/2013 11:35 AM, Rob Bos wrote:
> I'm trying to write a package that will install a patch if necessary, 
> but install the base version if it doesn't exist, but I'm running into 
> problems with the evaluation of check conditions. Specifically, Adobe 
> Acrobat, which requires that you first install up to the most recent 
> quarterly release, and then apply out-of-cycle patches on top of that.
> So I can go none->10.1.5->10.1.6, or 10.1.5->10.1.6.


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