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Renaud ROLLES renaud at rolles.me
Wed Jan 9 18:30:25 CET 2013



I’m a new user of WPKG, and I have trouble to deploy client on my AD Domain.
This domain is run by samba4, I don’t know if there is trouble to do so.

When I try to deploy with http://wpkg.org/WPKG_Client#Group_Policy_WPKG_mix
I don’t work and trow an error wich says :

\\domain.tld\wpkg\wpkg.js (2318,3) (null) : Le module Spécifié n’existe pas
(specified module don’t exist)


And it fails.

What I’m I doing wrong ? Did someone as a clue to resolv this, and lead me
to the good way ? 


Users can access the \\domain.tld\wpkg <file:///\\domain.tld\wpkg>  share.
Hosts are push by the python script from AD.

The batch file : 


cscript \\serv.domain.tld\wpkg\wpkg.js /install:gplwpkgclient


*** It give the same error without a batch like in the wiki 


The package file:



                name="WPKG Client 1.3.14"




                <!-- because the client hasn't been installed yet we cannot
use the SOFTWARE parameter for paths -->

                <variable name="PKG_PATH"
value="\\serv.domain.tld\wpkg\prog\" />

                <check type="uninstall" condition="exists" path="WPKG" />

                <check type="file" condition="versionequalto"
path="%PROGRAMFILES%\wpkg\wpkginst.exe" value="" />

                <install cmd='msiexec /i "%PKG_PATH%\WPKG Client
1.3.14-x32.msi"  SETTINGSFILE="%PKG_PATH%\settings.xml"' />

                <upgrade cmd='msiexec /i "%PKG_PATH%\WPKG Client
1.3.14-x32.msi" /qn SETTINGSFILE="%PKG_PATH%\settings.xml"' />

                <remove cmd='MsiExec
/x{08DF8731-5B69-4709-979A-CC08E49D7686} /qn' />



Sorry for the horrible English and thanks for reading.



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