[wpkg-users] Trustworthy alternative to IsXunpack

Christian chris-2012 at arcor.de
Sat Jan 12 21:23:10 CET 2013


is there an alternative to IsXunpack [1] by Pit0n and SkYuS//vN? It is
an InstallShield Unpacker, used for extracting files from modern
InstallShield installer packages. It is also used by Universal Extractor

This tool is really helpful, when building installer packages wich are
not available as MSI but only as compressed EXE in some proprietary
InstallShield format.

Unfortunately, the homepage [3] of the IsXunpack developers doesn't look
very trustworthy. There's no real imprint, their old homepage is even
blocked by google [4]! The current one is only about cracking software.
For example, they cracked IDA Pro.


[1] http://forum.exetools.com/showthread.php?t=3619
[2] http://www.legroom.net/software/uniextract
[3] http://exetools.com
[4] http://exetools.com/old-page/index.htm

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