[wpkg-users] configuration of network interface

Sebastian Elsner sebastian at risefx.com
Tue Jan 22 14:58:47 CET 2013


I am trying configure an Intel Pro 1000 network interface with wpkg via 
the command line interface which is installed with the Intel advanced 
network services. Works pretty well except that the Intel tool resets 
the interface/connection that is used to connect to the wpkg share - so 
after executing the command I get the error "\\path\to\wpkg.js(8971, 4): 
The network name is no longer available". Looking at the source, in this 
line wpkg wants to write to the log, which it obviously cannot find 
because its on the network. But the network is back after a few seconds. 
And I have already added a ping -n 40 to the same command line to make 
it wait, likeso: prosetcl.exe <command> & ping localhost.
Does someone have experience how I can make this work?



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