[wpkg-users] First test with architecture dependencies...

Stefan Pendl stefan.pendl.71 at gmail.com
Fri Jan 4 18:20:00 CET 2013

Am 04.01.2013 18:06, schrieb Marco Gaiarin:
> I'm starting to move out of XPsp3 32 bit, moving also to WPKG-GP.
> Anyway, i've setup a test recipe (for WPKG-GP, of course) and added to
> profiles.xml:
>      <profile id="default" architecture="x86" >
>          <depends profile-id="base" />
>          <package package-id="xptweaks-disable-csc" />
>      </profile>
>      <profile id="default" architecture="x64" >
>          <package package-id="wpkg-gp" />
>          <package package-id="wpkg-gp-settings" />
>      </profile>
> If i start WPKG on the win7 x86 box, in the log i can see that wpkg
> correctly idetify the os as 'x64', apply profile 'default' but start to
> install packages on 'base' profile plus 'xptweaks-disable-csc'
> packages.
> What i'm missing? Thanks.

The profile ID must be unique, so you can't use the same ID for multiple 

Didn't you mean "Win7 x64" instead of "Win7 x86"?

I would setup one "default" profile and have the packages and 
dependencies be filtered by architecture, which is working for me at 
least for the packages, never had to use that for dependencies.

     <profile id="default" >
         <depends profile-id="base"                 architecture="x86"/>
         <package package-id="xptweaks-disable-csc" architecture="x86"/>

         <package package-id="wpkg-gp"          architecture="x64"/>
         <package package-id="wpkg-gp-settings" architecture="x64"/>

Stefan P.

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