[wpkg-users] Deactivate java plugin...

Falko Trojahn wpkg at trojahn.de
Sat Jan 12 20:59:55 CET 2013

Hello Cedric,

Cedric Frayssinet --> 12.01.2013 10:38:
> Hi all !
> Do you know how to deactivate java plugin from browsers ?
> This is to prevent this exploit...
> http://www.infosecurity-magazine.com/view/30165/another-day-another-java-0day-exploit-in-the-wild/

in firefox you could install quickjava addon, there're some buttons then 
to deactivate java, java script etc. (I mean java is deactivated by 

There seems another way (untested, but I'll try soon ...): deleting
the corresponding dlls for browsers and some registry keys.

There's an article about that using GPO, but in german:

Perhaps deleting checking for existence and deleting the dlls
shown in this picture would be sufficient:



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