[wpkg-users] advice please on how to block a global package upgrade to a single computer

Paul McGrath J.P.McGrath at leeds.ac.uk
Tue Jan 29 13:51:19 CET 2013

Thanks Stefan,
  So I can do a check on hostname and exclude that one system.  Didn't think of that,

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Am 29.01.2013 11:07, schrieb Paul McGrath:
> Hi,
>    A JRE is set in a profile which applies to all PCs.  Unfortunately 
> I've just found an Oracle web based database that won't work if the 
> version of JRE is 1.7.  It has to be 1.6 because of a legacy 
> 'jinitiator' object.  Even if you retro install 1.6 alongside 1.7 the 
> browsers still try to use the latest version of java 1.7 and the form 
> won't work.  Is there anyway to block the upgrade of the java package 
> to one PC so that it can be 1.6 only?

If you have separate packages for the JRE releases, then you would just have to add extended host matching attributes to not apply the update to the one machine.

I have something similar on a package basis.

<package id="Java" name="Java" revision="2011.10.22" reboot="false" 
priority="10" execute="once">
     <include package-id="JRE6" os="5\.0\.\d{4}"/>
     <include package-id="JRE7">
             <check type="logical" condition="not">
                 <check type="host" condition="os" value="5\.0\.\d{4}"/>

Every other package s depending or including the Java package, which in turn only includes the appropriate JRE packages.

The same can be done at the profile level.

Stefan P.

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