[wpkg-users] How to disable "Removal of depending package"

Rainer Meier r.meier at wpkg.org
Wed Jan 30 09:19:46 CET 2013


On 30.01.2013 09:12, Krage, M. (EDV) wrote:
> how could i disable the „Removal of depending package“ feature?
> I have .NET as a dependency, which wpkg tried to remove as the parent software
> package gets removes.

If the dependency goes like this:
"your package" => depends on => ".NET"

then WPKG includes ".NET" automatically in the package tree and of course it 
removes it when "your package" is removed and ".NET" is not used any more by any 
other package. However WPKG should not remove ".NET" if you assign it to the 
hosts directly or any other package still depends on it.

So if you claim WPKG is trying to remove ".NET" then likely "your package" is 
the only package dragging ".NET" into the dependency tree and therefore it's 
correct for WPKG to remove it since it's not in use any more.

To avoid removal feel free to add the ".NET" package directly to the profile in 
order to tell WPKG it's still applied to the host.


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